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The New Hire online help system contains information about how to use onboarding for your new position. The online help content is context-sensitive. When you click the Help Center button, the online help will open on the specific topic matching that page. If you want to review other topics, click the links below or use the Search feature located on the top right of this page to find a specific topic or task. The help topics below are organized in the general order you typically follow within the system when completing the online onboarding process.

Frequently Asked Questions
What if I can't log in?
What if I can't log into my USAJOBS account?
What name should I use in Onboarding?
Do I have to complete all of my tasks and forms at once? What if I am missing information?
Why can’t I enter or correct any information directly onto the forms?
I need to update information, such as my last name or home address. How do I do that?
Why can’t I submit my benefits forms?
What should I do if I can’t submit my beneficiary forms?
What should I do if a form has been returned for correction?
Why was the OF 306 Declaration for Federal Employment form returned to me?
How can I print a form I have previously signed and/or submitted?
Why am I receiving an error when I try to upload my documents?
I have a question or issue not covered in these FAQs, how can I get additional assistance?
How do I access the system after I have accepted my tentative offer?

Logging in to the New Hire System

Completing the New Hire Process

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