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To access USA Staffing (http://usastaffing.gov) or USA Staffing Stage (http://stage.usastaffing.gov). Users must abide by the USA Staffing Rules of Behavior.

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Smart Card Login

Agencies that issue Personal Identification Verification (PIV) or a Common Access Card (CAC) require you to log in using your smart card. For instructions, see Registering your Smart Card.

I don't have a Smart Card

Users that do not have a permanent Smart Card require an exception to log in to USA Staffing. For users with a Smart Card exception, USA Staffing is implementing Login.gov as its alternate login process.

More choices

If you need assistance with your Login.gov account please see:

Login.gov Help Center

Login.gov Trouble signing in

Login.gov Manage your account

Login.gov Get started with Login.gov

Email Address

This is your official work email address as entered when your user account was created in USA Staffing. When a system administrator creates a USA Staffing account for you, you will receive a welcome email titled “Your New USA Staffing Account” containing the email address used to create your account.