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Benefits of Applying Online

The Alternate Application process is available to applicants that are unable to apply online. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply online if at all possible. Applying online, through your USAJOBS account, will expedite the application process and allow you to check your application status as well as verify the documentation submitted with your application. If you utilize the Alternate Application method, your USAJOBS account will not display this application and you will not receive status updates.

Alternate Application Overview

If you do not have a previous application for this position, we will send you a copy of the announcement’s questionnaire to complete. When you have completed the questionnaire in its entirety and gathered your supporting documents needed to apply for this position, you will then need to fax the complete package back to us. Your questionnaire and supporting documentation must be received prior to 11:59pm Eastern Time on the closing date of the job announcement. Once received, your questionnaire responses will be entered and your supporting documentation uploaded to the job announcement.

Request to Fax a Document

If you have a document that is not in electronic format, you may request a fax cover page through the Alternate Application phone line. Before you proceed with requesting a fax cover page, we have a suggestion for converting your paper document to an electronic format.

If you have a smart phone or tablet with a camera, there are apps you can download, such as Scanbot, which are designed to convert images captured by your phone or tablet into a pdf file that you can upload for this application and for any future applications. Scanbot is a free app while others may charge a nominal fee. Using this method and uploading your document is a more secure and easier way to get documents into your application. Once uploaded, you can verify your submission through your USAJOBS account.

If you need to request a cover page, call the Alternate Application phone line and one will be provided. Your supporting documentation must be received prior to 11:59pm Eastern Time on the closing date of the job announcement.

Duplicate Applications and Documents

If you have previously applied to this job announcement, we will not process a request for a second Alternate Application. Also, if you have previously uploaded documents for an announcement, please do not request to submit those same documents using this Alternative Application method as they will also not be processed. In addition, if multiple faxes are received for the same control number, only the most recent fax will be processed.

Application Eligibility and Status

If you have questions about your eligibility or status for a job application, this service cannot answer those questions. Any questions regarding your eligibility or status should be directed to the agency point of contact listed in the job announcement.

Required Information

We require certain information from you to process your Alternate Application. You will need to provide:

  • Name of the agency posting the job announcement
  • Position title
  • USAJOBS Control Number (displayed on the right side of the job announcement)
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

Please gather the information required prior to calling to request an Alternate Application.

Request Hours

The Alternate Application phone line is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 6:00pm Eastern Time, excluding Federal holidays.

Request Phone Line

If you are unable to apply online and have the required information, please call 1-478-744-2360 to start your Alternate Application. You will connected with a member of our staff who will initiate the Alternate Application process.