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The Documents page will list the documents you transferred from your USAJOBS account and it is where you can upload additional documents to be submitted with your current application. A list of supporting documents accepted and required for the position will display.


  • Accepted Documents. This column displays the documents accepted for this announcement and will display if they are optional or required. Some documents may be designated as required based on your responses to the questions in the "Eligibilities" section of your application. If you do not possess one or more of the required documents, please review your answers to determine if your responses are accurate.
  • Available Documents. This drop-down list is where you must select the document you have uploaded or transferred from your USAJOBS account. You may also view attached documents.
  • Upload. This button allows you to upload any missing documents and add them to your application. The file size must be 5MB or less and the acceptable formats are non-encrypted GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, RTF, TXT, PDF, DOC, and DOCX. For the instructions, see Uploading documents to your application.

Note: The following browser versions have been tested and are currently compatible with the application process.

  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

Within your browser, JavaScript must be enabled and cookies must be allowed. Please use your browser help page or search the Internet to find browser-specific instructions to configure these settings. In addition, do not include any special characters (parentheses, commas, hyphens, apostrophes, etc.) or blank spaces in the file name of your document(s).

If you don't have your document in an electronic format, see Submitting a paper supporting document.

Causes for failed or corrupt documents may include:

  • MS Word files
    • Password protected.
    • Protected view.
    • Embedded hyperlinks.
    • Embedded CSS and HTML tags.
    • Corrupt resulting from conversion from WordPerfect or Apple text program.
  • PDF files
    • Signatures required.
    • Broken certificates.
    • Hyperlinks embedded.
    • Font substitution required.
    • Portfolio PDFs which contains multiple PDF files.
  • Graphics files
    • Embedded graphics objects which do not render.