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This online application, powered by USA Staffing®, a U. S. Government information system, is to be used only in the manner authorized. You are authorized to use this system’s menus, controls, and features to do any and all of the following as a job applicant or potential job applicant, subject to any limitations that may be imposed, such as due dates, or any requirement that a particular assessment be completed personally by the job applicant:

  • Prepare, complete, and submit application packages, questionnaires, and other assessments.
  • View, print, modify, and save questionnaires and assessment responses and documents.
  • View the status of application packages you have in progress and correspondence addressed to you.

You are prohibited from accessing or attempting to access this system or records it contains to access information about anyone who has not given you permission to do so, because the data and documents on this system include Federal records that contain sensitive information protected by various Federal statutes, including the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552a.

You are also prohibited from attempting to access, view, upload, change, or delete information on this system in any manner not consistent with and supported by its own menu options and controls, even if that information pertains to you. You are not permitted to modify the system, deny access to the system, accrue system resources for unauthorized use, or otherwise misuse this system, and if you do so, or try to do so, you may face criminal, civil, or administrative penalties.

If you use this system, that will be construed to mean you understand and agree to abide by these terms and constitutes unconditional consent to review, monitor, record, audit, and take action by all authorized government and law enforcement personnel.