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The USA Staffing online training modules are designed to provide you "just in time" learning. The modules are broken out by each area of the system. Each self-paced training module is available 24/7 and you may re-take courses at any time. Each course includes Resources/Tools and Tips as well as Knowledge Checks to test learning.

Access the USA Staffing Online Training Portal

The USA Staffing online help content is context-sensitive. When users click the question mark help icon in USA Staffing, the online help will open on the specific topic matching that page. Users can click the Home icon to access the complete list of help pages. Online Help is separated into two types of pages, and organized in the general order users do work within the system:

  • Help by Page for detailed information about system areas, sections, and pages.
  • Help by Task for an extensive list of step-by-step instructions to accomplish a variety of tasks within the system.

Each stakeholder group has a separate online help based on their role:

Practice exercises provided below and can be completed in the USA Staffing Training Environment.